View From Earth

The Universe looks great from here!

  Welcome to my astronomy images internet presence. My interest in astronomy started in 2000 with a small department store refractor and has exploded into an adventure beyond prediction. I have been fortunate to belong to the Three Rivers Foundation for the Arts and Sciences and am the president of an astronomy club in Wichita Falls, Texas by the name of Starlight Observers League.


 My other passion is for music. I have played since I was young and have great fun composing music. My page is a place to hear some of my recent compositions. Some are astronomy related but most are just various instrumental electronic music creations. I have other web sites for my music at MySpace and IACMusic.


  I hope you find these pages informative about the wonders of the night sky, and enjoy the short but fullfilling journey through the telescope and music instrument that I have taken over the past few years. If you feel compelled to make contact with another cosmic starchild, please contact me using the contact page.


-David Ryle


Jupiter Moon Viewer



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